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This article gives a detailed summary of the flight to Egypt, and the travel within Egypt of the Holy Family.
Moná Sa‘d reflects on the difficulties faced by female divorcees in Egypt.
Al-Ahālī continues publishing the study done by Dr. Fu’ād Zakariyyā about the women in the thought of Islamic organizations.
Sectarian clashes erupted in Marsá Matrūh when Copts built a fence that violated restrictions.
The spokesman of al-Tajammū‘ party criticizes the government’s treatment of sectarianism and calls for a unified law for building houses of worship to be passed. He also demands severe punishment for the culprits of discrimination, and blames the government’s behavious for the persistence of...
The article highlights the statements of Muhammad Munīr Mujāhid, coordinator of Egyptians against Religious Discrimination, about discrimination against Copts.
The author reflects on her visit to sacred Coptic churches and other monuments in Old Cairo.
Bishop Maximus of Qalyubia refuses to stop his desert night walks in spite of security warnings.
Bishop Basenti of Helwan states that the church’s goal is to advise and guide in cases of conversion; however, in the end individuals are free and responsible for their decisions. Bishop Bassenti wondered why Christians do not visit Egypt as a holy place instead of Jerusalem, arguing that the Holy...
The author reports on a new educational issue in Minya regarding the exam in the subject of Christianity.


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