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Archbishop ʿAṭāllāh Ḥannā of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem appealed to the “powers of good in the world and all spiritual and humanitarian leaders” to have a clear attitude in rejecting aggression and demanding the war in Gaza to stop.  
Today (Saturday), the Israeli army bombed al-Azhar University in al-Mughrāqa in Gaza, in continuation of the crimes committed against the Palestinian people that began in early October and continue to this moment.
The Muslim Council of Elders, led by the Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, warned that the continued violations by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and the blessed al-Aqṣā Mosque could have grave consequences.
Minister of Justice, ʿUmar Marwān, said that the new personal status law for both Muslims and Christians has been finalized, adding that the law for the Christians is a “historic” one as it is the first of its kind in Egypt.  
During a TV show, a heated debate occurred between Dr. Aḥmad Kirīma, a professor of comparative fiqh (jurisprudence) at al-Azhar University, and Shaykh Hānī al-Ṣālḥī, an Islamic preacher, after the Shaykh made statements that the Prophet Muḥammad was a salafī.
Qummus (Archpriest) ʿAbd al-Masīḥ Basīṭ of the Virgin Mary Church in Musṭurud said that Lord Jesus Christ did not made alcohol, but turned water into a wine that was not intoxicating.
Grand Imām of al-Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, said that the participation at the international peace forum in Berlin reflects al-Azhar’s keenness on keeping interfaith dialogue alive and opening up new channels of communication.
Pope Tawāḍrūs of the Coptic Orthodox Church resumed a series of short mass prayers that handled part of Chapter 30 of the Book of Deuteronomy and Chapters 11-20 from the Book of Numbers, referring to the short prayers the church performs after the Gregorian Mass, which are called “Asceticism for...
The Coptic Catholic Church took part in the 10th annual canon law conference of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Jordanian resort area of the Dead Sea.
Islamic preacher Muʿiz Masʿūd said he did not like to think about any type of fame, except the one with sublime principles and ethics, adding that fame has offered him an opportunity for Ṣūfī mysticism.


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