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The International Press Institute organized a seminar on "Media and Interreligious Dialogue" in Vienna and invited the Religious News Service from the Arab World (RNSAW) to be present because of its pioneering work in media and inter-religious dialogue in the Arab World.
In interviews from Cairo to the deep southern town of Kosheh, many Egyptians voiced mistrust and scorn for the other religion, while others said Egypt enjoyed religious harmony and that Kosheh was an isolated incident.
Israel’s Supreme Court ordered on November 14 that a huge shrine be removed from the grave site of Baruch Goldstein, the US-born Jewish settler who massacred 29 Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron in 1994.
At dawn each day for 800 years, a member of the same Muslim family has opened a door to Christianity’s holiest shrine in the Holy Land’s most sacred city. But this door is narrow and could become a death trap if thousands of pilgrims visit the church.
Pope John Paul hopes to fulfill his dream of tracing the footsteps of Jesus Christ next March when he makes a visit to Holy Land sites ruled by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Vatican said Wednesday.
Running and hiding gets more difficult for Osama bin Laden, the alleged terrorist whose hosts in Afghanistan face UN sanctions, may take little comfort from a precedent in Libya earlier this year.
Egypt continued a crackdown on the banned Muslim Brotherhood on November 13, ordering the detention of eight people accused of belonging to the country’s largest fundamentalist group, court sources said.
Al Azhar University, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious institution of learning, has appealed a court decision that it must re-admit a transsexual belly-dancer to its women’s faculty.
The leader of a mystical Muslim sect who reportedly claims she can resurrect the Prophet Muhammad was jailed after a hearing in Egypt’s state security court, officials said on November 13.
Five Algerian soldiers, three of them officers, were killed in two attacks by suspected Islamic extremists who injured nine other people including civilians Algerian newspapers reported November 7.


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