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On Monday (September 4), Dr. Sāmī Fawzī, Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria for the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt, inaugurated the languages department at the Minūfīya Episcopal School.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II of the Coptic Orthodox Church urged young people to devote their energy to God and warned of extravagance and of affairs outside wedlock. He said, “Life is like a bank, where you get what you deposit.”
Four centuries have passed amidst differences among doctrines and scholars of fiqh (jurisprudence) regarding whether smoking was ḥalāl (religiously permissible) or ḥarām (religiously impermissible), but science tipped the scale in favor of impermissibility when it indicated its effects on human...
On Thursday, the Virgin Mary Church, at its monastery in Drunka in the Asyūṭ governorate, announced an initiative to sell food and drinks inside the church at affordable prices as part of the annual celebrations of the Virgin Mary Fasting, falling on August 7-22.
A professional professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in al-Minyā University has sculpted a statue of the Virgin Mary to decorate the route of the Holy Family in the city of Drunka in the Asyūṭ governorate.
Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, said in a fatwā published on the official site of al-Azhar that exaggerations on mahr (dowry) spoil societies as they bring young men to disregard marriage.
Dr. Shawqī  ͑Allām, Grand Muftī of Egypt, said everything the Prophet Muḥammad has said is part of the Islamic revelation by God Almighty.
The al-Azhar conference hall hosted ceremonies to congratulate the winners of the “Heritage of Imām al-Māturīdī” research contest. The ceremony was attended by the Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Shaykh Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, as well as leaders from various research organizations. The contest was implemented...
Bishop Ermia, the president of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, has spoken about the late Pope Kyrillos VI during an interview with al-Waṭan newspaper. He described Pope Kyrillos VI as a devout man of prayer who was chosen by the heavens and who displayed a great love for the Church and its...
On February 3rd, Pope Tawāḍrūs II of the Coptic Orthodox Church attended ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of the Papal Office for Projects.  


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