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Fr. Dāwūd Khalīl of the Virgin Mary Church in al-Ḥawātikah, in collaboration with Mustaqbal Waṭan party, have distributed ʾIftār meals to fasting passengers on road at sunset before al-Maghrib prayer.
Euronews published a report on how al-Baḥrayn is set to consecrate the Gulf region's largest Catholic cathedral "Our Lady of Arabia".
On every occasion or ceremony, President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī mentions the rights of people with disabilities, stressing that they are a key partner in the homeland and in the development carried out by the state at all levels. Since he took office in 2014, President al-Sīsī has been the first...
As part of the relations of affection, love and mutual visits between the Christian clergy and the scholars of al-Azhar and the Awqāf, a large delegation of Islamic clerics headed by Dr. Ramaḍān Ḥassan, head of the branch of the World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates, professor and head of the...
Today, Saturday, the Administrative Court of the State Council decided to postpone a lawsuit which was filed by lawyer Samīr Ṣabrī until the January 8 session for review. The lawsuit demanded a ban on wearing the niqāb in public, private and international schools.
The Islamic preacher Dr. Mabrūk ʿAṭiyya said that a second, third and fourth wife is permissible in Islam, and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as the husband is able to support them. However he released a controversial comment regarding women's divorce in case of ploygamy. 
In a live interview, Ṣadā al-Balad hosted the poetic talent from Minyā, Paula Nabīl Ẓarīf, who recites poetry from a young age and also writes some poems with his mother’s assistance.
Dr. Muḥammad al-Ḍuwaynī, Undersecretary of al-Azhar al-Sharif, said that the relationship and coexistence between peoples is one of the origins of Islam, and a universal societal necessity. He stressed that constructive civilizational communication should go beyond slogans to actions and be...
Al-Azhar has been always at the fore, when it comes to confronting extremism and terrorism, and spreading the true religion. This article highlights the most important efforts of al-Azhar in the face of terrorism and extremism in the world.
The Episcopal/Anglican Church appointed Bishop Sāmī Fawzī as the new head for the Province of Alexandria and archbishop of the diocese of Egypt, replacing Archbishop Dr. Munīr Ḥannā.


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