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The article presents the responses from Egyptian newspapers over the republication of the offensive drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.
Dr. Muhammad al-Sa‘īd Mushtaharī criticizes Islamic satellite channels for depending on dubious Islamic heritage – Ḥadīths or Fatwás – in preaching. He believes that such materials are the main reasons for accusing Islam of being a religion of terrorism.
The writer, Minister of Endowments, clarifies the real meaning of terrorism and Islam’s innocence from it, using parts of the Qur’ān to prove his words.
The 18th conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs opened Thursday with a keynote speech by Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmad Nazīf on behalf of President Mubārak, highlighting the role of Muslim scholars and intellectuals in the renaissance of the Muslim nation.
The writer discusses with the Mufti of Eritrea the issue of Muslim-non-Muslim relations [Editor: Eritrea is about 50% Muslim and 50% Christian, relations between Muslims and Christians in the country are generally very good].
In this article Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi speaks about the importance of the Islamic-Christian dialogue. He speaks about the things that spoil the relationship between Muslims and Christians, how to fight terrorism, the difference between terrorism and the legal right of defending one´s country...
In this article Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi comments on the attacks of September 11 and the possibility of having a dialogue between Islam and the west. He stressed the importance of inter-religious dialogue.
Dr. Hasan Wajīh responds to earlier articles of Drs. Cornelis Hulsman and Dr. Jeff Adams explaining the need to apply one standard in dealing with people of different faiths or as Dr. Wajīh formulated this; to find a common ground of identification in interfaith and intercultural dialogue between...
A seminar on the dialogue between the Islamic and the Western civilizations was held in Greece. In the seminar, Dr. Abdel-Mo’ti Bayoumi stressed that Islam was not guilty of what happened in September 11. Islam rejects terrorism and jihad has nothing to do with terrorism. Islam also is a religion...
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