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A comment on what a Danish poll said about the Qur’ān being the second most wanted Christmas present in Denmark.
The author argues that the religion received by all prophets is the religion of Islam and that this is mentioned in the Qur´an. He believes that the religion of Islam is the only religion accepted by God.
The author expressed the opinion that Islam is the sealed religion and the only religion accepted by God. He quoted many Qura’nic verses to prove that all prophets starting from Noah and ending by Jesus Christ had called for Islam.
Shebl says the series of "Awan Al-Ward" led to discussions that Egyptians were in dire need of. Before the disaster of 1967 [in reference to the defeat of the six day war], there were no discussions about the relationship between Muslims and Christians. People were dealing with their companions on...
[Kitabis: lit.: "people of the Book" i.e., Christians and Jews] The author believes that the Coptic candidate of the Wafd, Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour, suffered a ridiculous attack in the name of religion by his Muslim opponent who distributed a flyer including some Qur’anic verses, aiming to distract...
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