Volkhard Windfuhr

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- Cairo correspondent, Der Spiegel (German weekly magazine) (since 1973)
- Chairman of Cairo Foreign Press Association (since 1994)
Education, Career and Personal Background
Volkhard Windfuhr was born in 1937 in Essen, Germany. His father passed away while he was still young, and Windfuhr migrated to Egypt with his mother in 1955. He was awarded his secondary certificate in Arabic, and studied Oriental languages at Ain Shams University in Cairo, specializing in Farsi, Turkish and Hebrew.
In 1967-1969 Volkhard Windfuhr worked as librarian at the Deutsches Orient Institut (German Orient Institute) in Beirut. In 1969, he went back to his native country to work for the German radio station 'Deutsche Welle' (which literally means German Wave, but it is usually translated as Voice of Germany), where he was responsible for the Arabic language service. In 1973, he joined the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel (The Mirror). He returned to the Middle East and opened a Beirut branch of the magazine. In 1976, he transferred the office to Cairo.


Windfuhr has interviewed most heads of states in the Arab World, including President Ḥusnī Mubārak. He has also interviewed many prominent personalities, including the Egyptian author Najīb MaḥfIJẓ, as well as religious leaders and scholars.


Volkhard Windfuhr co-authored the German book: 'Ein Tag im September. 11.9.2001. Hintergründe. Folgen. Perspektiven,' (One Day in September. 11.9.2001. Background. Consequences. Perspectives.) with Georg Stein.
- Cairo Foreign Press Association (member since 1976, chairman since 1994)
- Association of the Friends of Railways of Egypt in the Arab World (founder and president since 1998)
- Rotary Club, Rhine-Nile (member since 2002)
Political/Religious Involvement
(when known and relevant for professional position or public appearance) Unknown.


Involvement in Arab-West/Intercultural/Interfaith Relations (if any) As a German correspondent in Egypt, Volkhard Windfuhr is naturally involved in Arab-West relations. Besides journalistic reporting he has co-authored a book concerning 9/11, arguing for what he considers the necessity of East-West dialogue. (See "Education, Career and Personal Background.")


Volkhard Windfuhr is dedicated to intercultural dialogue and has been involved in numerous seminars, lectures, and interviews for this purpose. In 2002 he received the German Cross of Merit, the highest official award, for "services to furthering German Egyptian friendship."
Additional Information on other issues
Volkhard Windfuhr has translated about 200 Egyptian short stories and theater pieces into German.
References: Biographical references:
- http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2002/575/profile.htm (2002 interview with the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram Weekly)
- This biography is partly based on an interview with Mr. Windfuhr specifically for this purpose. He has reviewed the content of the biography himself.
Further Reading: Contact Information:
- Address: 18, Al-Fawakeh St. Muhandisin, Cairo, Egypt
- Office phone: (+2 02) 760 49 44
- Mobile: +2 012 214 69 71
- Fax: (+20 2) 760 76 55
- E-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected]
(Contact information can be published on cawu.org. Mr. Windfuhr gave his consent on October 23, 2006.)
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