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Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī is judged by the Australian court as being a racist Muslim muftī.
The British government has issued a statement saying that Dr. Hānī al-Sibā‘ī is to be deported from the country even though he has lived there for 14 years.
Umar Bakrī Bakrī describes the sentence issued against ‘Iz al-Dīn as unjust and unfounded, and reveals the double standards as well as the injustice inflicted upon Muslims who reject the U.S-British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Islamist lawyer Muntasir al-Zayyāt says that he will appeal against the British embassy’s decision not to grant him a visa.
A Syrian radical cleric ‘Umar Bakrī has been prevented from entering the U.K. due to media reports on his controversial stances toward the bombing attacks that have recently taken place in Britain. Bakrī, the founder of al-Muhajiroun Movement in the U.K., calls on British authorities either to try...
Muḥammad al-Shāfi‘ī interviews Islamic radical thinker Shaykh cUmar Bakrī, who was deported from the U.K. due to his extremist stances against the West, about his activities in his new residence in Tripoli, Lebanon.
An Egyptian Islamist who holds Pakistani citizenship demanded that he be transferred from Abu Za’bal prison [in Egypt] to Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, where almost 580 Qa’ida and Taliban detainees are imprisoned, claiming that he would receive better treatment there. He claimed that he is...
British journalist Yvonne Ridley, who was captured for 11 days by the Taliban in 2001, talks about her personal experience with Islamists in Afghanistan and her decision to embrace Islam.
A fundamentalist Islamic center in London has issued a statement on the sufferings of the Egyptian Abū Hamzah al-Misrī in the high-security Belmarsh Prison. Al-Misrī is serving a seven-year sentence for funding terrorism in the U.K.
Al-Zayyāt, the lawyer of the Islamic groups, assures the Jihād Organization’s decision to cease violence enjoys the support of the leading figures within the Islamic groups.


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