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Egyptian businessman Najīb Sāwīrīs has sparked controversy among social media users following a post in which he said, “We Christians believe in one God,” renewing controversy he had made the prior week following a similar post in which he cited a verse of the Qurʾān (Sūrat Al-Kāfirūn) as evidence...
Dr. Saʿad al-Dīn al-Hilālī, a professor of jurisprudence (fiqh) at al-Azhar University, stated that the debates about the Sunna (the traditions of the Prophet Muḥammad) or the Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī collection of ḥadīths, are being used as propaganda tools rather than topics of genuine discussions aimed...
Researcher Islām al-Buḥayrī, a member of the board of trustees of the Takwīn foundation, said the foundation has respect for all religions and has never been in conflict with al-Azhar or the church.
Former Grand Muftī of Egypt, Dr. ʿAlī Jumʿa, said his TV show Nūr al-Dīn (Light of Religion), arrived at the right time to save society and preserve mental well-being from decline.
Egyptian security forces were able to restore calm in the village of al-Fawākhir, Samāllūṭ town, in the southern Egyptian governorate of al-Minyā, after violence erupted there on Tuesday evening (April 23).
Germany's interior minister, Nancy Faeser, has called on Muslim groups in the country to explicitly condemn the October 7 attacks by Ḥamās on Israel.
A Coptic researcher has criticized the lack of representation of women and Christians in the Bar council following its 2024 elections.
The Abrahamic Family House celebrated its first anniversary since opening on Saʿdīyāt Cultural District in Abu Dhabi in February 2023.
The international Christie’s auction hall in London will offer for sale an Egyptian manuscript of the “oldest copy of the Holy Book” at an auction to be held in London next June.
In an interview on YouTube with the media personality, Ghadī Fransīs, Dr. Munther Isḥaq, priest of the holy city of Bethlehem, emphasized that the Palestinian cause must be fundamental to Eastern Christians, stating that the teachings of Jesus Christ highlight the importance of Christians not being...


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