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Islamic preacher Muʿiz Masʿūd said he did not like to think about any type of fame, except the one with sublime principles and ethics, adding that fame has offered him an opportunity for Ṣūfī mysticism.
Egypt’s ambassador to Germany, Amīn Ḥassān, attended the funerary prayers for Anbā Mīshāʾīl, Bishop of South Germany and Abbot of St. Antonius Monastery of the Coptic Orthodox Church, in Kröffelbach.
More than 80 houses owned by Christians and 19 churches have been damaged in acts of riot in Pakistan, as announced by the Pakistani police on Friday (August 18) according to Al Arabiya news channel.
The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is convening an urgent session on July 11, 2023, during its 53rd ordinary session in Geneva.
Prince of Believers, King Moḥammed VI of Morocco, said that scholars are required to have a positive influence on people by focusing on the privileges of moderation and discrediting the negative impacts that “ignorant extremists” can have on the minds of the vulnerable.  
The National Center for Translation under Dr. Karma Sāmī announced the bestseller books for the month of June 2023, of which the first was Thomas Merton’s ‘An Introduction on Christian Mysticism’, translated by Karam ͑Abbās.
The Muftī of the Sultanate of Oman, Aḥmad Bin Ḥamd al-Khalīlī, called for a “firm and comprehensive” Islamic boycott of Sweden in response to its “excessive” insults towards the Holy Qurʾān and Muslim sanctities on its lands.
Palestine’s parliamentary committee condemned the assault by extremist Jews on the Mār Eliās Church in the city of Ḥaifā, which was (according to Zionists) under the pretext of official security protection.
A researcher in political Islam groups’ affairs said that the issue of religious discourse is absent from the National Dialogue. He added that President ͑Abd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī has made successive remarks for the renewal of religious discourse.
Al-Azhar Mosque resumes its sixth episode of programs under the title “Women’s Rights in Islamic Sharī ͑a” today (Wednesday, May 25, 2023), under the sponsorship of Grand Imām Dr. Aḥmad al- Ṭayyīb.


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