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The article sheds light one the disagreement between Pope Shenouda and Maximus with regard to divorce and remarriage.
Pope Shenouda has asked the Metropolitan of Jerusalem for the Coptic Orthodox Church to prepare a list of Coptic businessmen who organize trips to Jerusalem to question them.
The Sultan Monastery is considered the most valuable Coptic Orthodox Church property in Palestine. Israel gave it to the Ethiopian Church.
Jamāl As‘ad was questioned by the police following a claim that was filed against him by 12 expatriate Coptic activist leaders.
The following lines shed light on this week’s Wednesday sermon of Pope Shenouda III.
Pope Shenouda has different ways of reacting to conflicts. However, the author claims that he can always get what he wants.
For the seventh time in a row, Pope Shenouda III was absent from his weekly sermon in Alexandria. Tense relationships with the governor are said to be behind the absence.
This article sheds light on the fierce attack waged by Bishop Bīshūy against Dr. Zaydān’s ’cAzāzīl’ which he described as the worst novel in the history of Christianity.
In an attempt to find a solution to the problem of the lack of abbot at the Monastery of St. Macarius, Pope Shenouda went to the monastery and met the monks, promising that a resolution is close at hand.
The lawyer Najīb Jibrā’īl has prepared a draft bill for a law that will allow Christians to adopt in Egypt.


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