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The author claims that Bishop Bīshūy is promoting himself to gain more popularity to support him in his alleged intentions to nominate himself to the papacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author shed light on a memo said to be issued by Bishop Bishūy, secretary of the Holy Synod, in which he accused the Bishop of Samallūt of doctrinal deviation, heresy and being counter to the church.
In his weekly sermon, Pope Shenouda answers several questions on social and personal status of Copts.
The article comments on Pope Shenouda’s latest sermon at Saint Mark’s Cathedral.
The article sheds light on a demonstration held by a group of Mīt Namā’s residents protesting against being whipped out of their land. The piece of land was meant to hold a building for church services. The furious crowd wanted to meet the pope but did not succeed.
Bishop Bīshūy plots against Bishop Mattias in retaliation for him getting in the way of him becoming pope. The plotting involves accusing him to the point of his resignation, then taking over his office despite rules of the church forbidding this. Other recent Coptic Church politics are also...
Bishop Bīshūy, a very important figure in the Coptic Church, is angering several Copts with his rulings as justice of ecclesiastic trials. He is frighteningly a potential candidate to be the pope’s successor.
Pope Shenouda delivers his first sermon after coming back from his trip to the U.S for medical treatment.
Sharīf al-Dawākhlī’s article in Al-Dustūr discusses the issues facing Pope Shenouda on his return from medical leave in the United States.
The author discusses the ideas of Kamāl Zākhir involving the political function and candidacy of the pope, as well as the need for a pope’s deputy and his calls for Copts to stop comparing national and religious belonging.


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