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The author comments on an interview with Bishop Bīshūy that he describes as provocative in part to the Muslim majority in Egypt.
Some thousand Copts from the southern city of Naj‘ Ḥammādī have demonstrated over a trial of their bishop based on a complaint signed by 11 of the city’s priests. Demonstrations have moved to the main Cathedral in Cairo, which convinced leaders of the church to send the bishop back to his diocese...
Pope Shenouda III bans a conference organized by Michael Munīr. Allegations were made that the pope’s refusal is due to personal disputes with the bishop who mediated to be granted permission from the pope to hold the conference.
Bishop Baphnotious nominated himself for the position of secretary general of the Holy See of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The issue sparked conflict between him and Bishop Bīshūy, the present general secretary. Pope Shenouda and members of the Holy See are intending to hold a reconciliation session...
The author of the article accuses a bishop of hurling offenses at him during a lecture he gave at a clerical college institute in response to accusations of over 200 heresies he allegedly committed.
The article is about a claim brought by the former head of Port Said Church’s Youth Department against Bishop Bīshūy.
The author, the head of the Evangelical church in Ard Sharīf, Shubrā, replies to an article reviewing a book by Metropolitan Bīshouy in which the leading clergyman severely criticized the Protestants and accuses them of having destroyed Christianity.
The author reviews a book by Metropolitan Bīshouy, the Secretary of the Holy Synod, in which he criticizes the Protestants and their "devastating" effect on Orthodox Christians in Egypt and their attempts in Kafr al-Shaykh to lure Orthodox Christians to join Protestantism.
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