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The author highlights Coptic antiquities and art, and their contribution to history.
Christianity Today published a cover page article of Cornelis Hulsman about the Coptic Orthodox tradition of the Flight to Egypt. The article is presented in this issue of the RNSAW with permission of Christianity Today. You will find here the text before it was edited by Christianity Today. It is...
This article gives an overview of the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt, by shedding light upon a book written on the subject by three writers specialized in Christian archeology, Egyptian religious affairs and the New Testament and history of the church.
The article recounts the story of the crucifixion, on which, the priest of the Hanging Church commented saying that it is the only thing concerning which all Christian denominations do not differ.
"Be Thou There" is a new book on the trip of the Holy Family through Egypt. It is an important contribution to the history of the Holy Family, and generally to the Christian heritage in Egypt. The three writers of the book and its editor are specialists in Christian archaeology, Egyptian religious...
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