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Subtitle: 1- An Islamic preacher says on the Internet: Christians deceive Muslims by building churches in the form of mosques 2- A Christian Internet site called “Wild Christianity” specializes in attacking Islam 3- Internet sites for the books and essays of: El Karadawy, Said Kotb, Ibn...
Subtitle: The permanent committee for research gives a fatwa (religious decision)!Religious leaders in Saudi Arabia oppose plans to stimulate the unity between Islam, Judaism and Christianity, by building a mosque, church and synagogue in public places and printing the Qur’an, Old and New Testament...
The author interviewed Rafīq al-‘Ajamī, one of the Arab Afghans who was imprisoned for four years on charges of carrying out the explosion of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan in 1996.
[Translator’s note: All Translation of verses from the Qur’an are taken from The Koran Interpreted, Arthur J. Arberry, Oxford University Press, 1964.] Dr. Abdel-Sabour Shahin stressed that the Azhar did not do an act of courtesy in its report on his book "My Father Adam". He declared his opposition...
Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti of 25 years is dead, but his Islamic missionary efforts will continue via his extensive writings and an Internet web page.
Dar Al-Ifta, the state’s religious authority which issues legal decrees, received Christians seeking advice on matters of inheritance and wills.
The article discusses the Al-Misyar marriage, a form of marriage that is applied during travel, which has become a phenomenon not only in the Arabian Gulf countries, but in other Arab countries as well.
A collection of fatwas by Sheik Abd-Aziz Ibn Baz, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia.
An extensive feature on the market for religious audio tapes.
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