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The first light from the crescent moon determines the start of the lunar month which is of great importance to Islam and other religions. The start of Ramadan and other religious obligations depend on a lunar calendar. It is thus understandable that the new moon has long been a matter of Muslim...
On December 20, 2020, Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī posted a tweet, blaming a lack of thinking on Muslims’ part for their current circumstances.  He quoted French Philosopher René Descartes’s saying “I think; therefore, I am,” but added that he fears that it will be said of Muslims: “You are not because you do...
The subject of women and their position in Islam still arouses intellectual, legal, and political controversy in different places of stability around the world.   Accusations against Islam and Islamists of regarding women as weak and degrading them still remain.  ʿArabī 21 is opening a portfolio...
Dr. Ṭāriq Manṣūr writes about his personal reflections on the meaning of religious tolerance as seen from Islam and Christianity in Egypt.  He focuses on examples from the Prophet’s life and the Quran [al-Qurān] that support religious tolerance from an Islamic perspective. 
Egyptian human rights activists circulated news this Sunday that the detainee ʿĀʾisha al-Shāṭir, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Khayrat al-Shāṭir, was transferred to prison hospital after her health deteriorated due to her hunger strike, which is approaching its third consecutive week.
  Prof. Usama Nabīl, head of the French Department at the Faculty of Languages and Translation at Al-Azhar University, delivered a lecture on the Islamic-Christian dialogue at the Department of Politics at Sorbonne University. The lecture focused on the important value of dialogue in Islam.
Egyptian Minister of Endowments Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿa said in a statement issued last Wednesday that the entity called "International Union of Muslim Scholars" has no credibility and it issues statements supporting terrorist ideology.
Dr. Rev. Munīr Ḥanna, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, said that the West is phobic of Islam and associate it with terrorism because of those who implement their own misconceptions of Islam.
Al-Azhar's pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair presents dozens of books refuting misconceptions and fallacies of extremist thought and terrorist groups, and emphasizing the need for renovation, moderate understanding, as the cornerstone of al-Azhar curriculum.


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