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Al-Yawm al-Sābiʿ broadcasted a live video entitled “Religion is for God and Chanting is for Everyone” that shows a young Coptic boy chanting a poem praising Prophet Muḥammad called “Qamarun”. He said that the goal is to spread tolerance among all.
The Egyptian society has showed us the best example of harmonious coexisting by not distinguishing between its citizens. Shawqī ʿAllām, Mufti of Egypt, Head of the General Secretariat of international Fatwa Authorities, said: “ Celebrating New Year’s Eve, the birth day of our prophet Jesus, son of...
An Egyptian police officer showed great courage when he single-handedly faced a fire that broke out in the “Virgin Mary” church in al-Warrāq district, and managed to control it before the fire service arrived.
As part of the relations of affection, love and mutual visits between the Christian clergy and the scholars of al-Azhar and the Awqāf, a large delegation of Islamic clerics headed by Dr. Ramaḍān Ḥassan, head of the branch of the World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates, professor and head of the...
On Saturday, the Coptic poet Maryam Tawfīq signed her book, "An Imam for All Egyptians", at the al-Azhar Convention Centre in Nasr City, which examines the personality of the Grand Imam, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib.
Copts in Farshūt, north of Qinā governorate, participated in the opening of the new al-Raḥmān Mosque in the village of al-Hāj Salām, after its renovation which was paid for by the people.
In a live interview, Ṣadā al-Balad hosted the poetic talent from Minyā, Paula Nabīl Ẓarīf, who recites poetry from a young age and also writes some poems with his mother’s assistance.
Today, alongside his tour in Asyūṭ governorate, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy, Naẓīr ʿAyād, visited the monastery of the Virgin Mary, and was welcomed by the monk Bīshūy Bishāra, Secretary of the monastery.
The Christian Coptic Orthodox Youth Movement [Shabāb Kristiān], which is subject to the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Holy Synod headed by His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, announced its rejection of any insult or abuse against Islam or any religion.
Pope Tawāḍrūs, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, said that “our national unity is the most precious thing that characterises Egyptians as we all live together by the Nile River as one nation since the dawn of history with a sense of innate and national unity. And just like their Muslim brothers,...


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