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Police in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid are questioning the families of three women who were reportedly killed last week in three separate crimes that were all related to "family honor," officials said on Monday.
Christian clergymen who came from Jerusalem highlighted the plight of the dwindling Palestinian Christian community as it prepares to celebrate in Bethlehem its 2000-year jubilee next December at a joint ceremony of all 13 Christian sects.
The embassy is more right wing than most Israelis and is not supported by the great majority of churches.
Israel said on Tuesday it will bar any new building in the biblical town of Nazareth in 2000, a move that could effectively block the construction of a controversial mosque before a planned visit by Pope John Paul II.
A Muslim leader in Nazareth demanded Saturday that the Vatican stay out of a dispute between Muslims and Christians. The Vatican opposes the construction of a mosque near the Church of the Annunciation.
A Jewish extremist was convicted on Tuesday of plotting to deface a Muslim grave with a pig’s head and plotting to burn down an Israeli peace group’s office.
Prime Minister Ehud Barak officially opened new archaeological excavations near Al Haram Al Sharif, a flash point of Arab-Israeli enmity. The site’s political and religious sensitivity exploded in bloodshed three years ago.
The Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, which criticizes several Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, is the result of the Religious Freedom Act sponsored by right-wing members of the US Congress in 1998 in what some observers say was a capitulation to fundamentalist Christians...
The Israeli cabinet adopted a set of moderate measures on Sunday against the Islamic Movement, rejecting the internal security service’s recommendation for a sweeping crackdown.
Lebanon’s Cedar of the Martyr war memorial, hidden away in the mountains, is better known to Americans than local Lebanese. Among the hundreds of stones commemorating victims of the 1975-1990 Lebanese civil war there is one for the 241 US marines killed in a suicide bombing in Beirut in 1983.


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