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In this article, the author gives historical background on the emergence of the Saudi dynasty, as well as its relationship with Wahhabism and the militant organization of Ikhwan Najd. It further discuses the influence of their ideologies on the current Saudi state.
The author continues his series of articles on Bedouinization. He questions to what extent it is accurate to say that the Bedoiuns had a great influence on culture in the Middle East, and considers dress code among other things.
The article is an interview with Natana J. DeLong-Bas. She is a senior research assistant at the Center for Muslim- Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. The interview sheds light on her book ‘Wahhabi Islām: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihād.’ The book presents...
The article gives an overview of the history of Wahhabism, how it entered Egypt and its effect on the Egyptian society.
The New Year’s Day celebrations on Saudi satellite television show an overall reconsideration of the Wahhabi ideas. The Saudi royal family has to choose between this reconsideration and adopting the Wahhabi extremist ideas. Such reconsideration may return to Islam its glory.
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