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A dilemma has been dominating the question of inheritance for Christians in most, if not all, Arab countries. This issue involves many injustices related to Christians’ personal status.
Mufīda ʿAbd al-Raḥman, the renowned first Egyptian female lawyer, has participated in the activities of the committee on personal status law amendments in late 1950s and contributed to enacting legislations regulating family-related affairs, including marriage and divorce.
Dr. Andrea Zakī, President of the Evangelical community in Egypt, said there have been many rounds and lots of discussions on the unified personal status law, which ended up in agreement over 90% of the items.
Islamic preacher, ʿEṣām al-Rūbī, affirmed that all the personal status laws in Egypt are 100% based on the provisions of the Islamic sharīʿa, adding that the law on khulʿ was mentioned in the Holy Qurʾān.  
The Maronite denomination emerged in Egypt in 1745, when the Aleppo monk, Mūsa Hilāna, consecrated al-Bārija, the first Maronite church in Damietta (Dumyāṭ), as well as in Egypt and Africa.
Egypt has experienced security and stability during the past ten years, and the Copts of Egypt have experienced this first-hand as they have lived through a period of consolidation of rules of citizenship with the power of the law.  
Minister of Justice, ʿUmar Marwān, said that the new personal status law for both Muslims and Christians has been finalized, adding that the law for the Christians is a “historic” one as it is the first of its kind in Egypt.  
Egyptian Christians are still waiting for the endorsement of a unified personal status law, which is a constitutional right that the Egyptian parliament has not taken heed of since the 2014 constitution was approved.
The rules on marriage and divorce in Islam have not only been taken from the books of fiqh (jurisprudence), but have also emerged as the result of the interaction of several factors.
A scholar of al-Azhar, Shaykh Aḥmad Turk, said the participants at the National Dialogue session have discussed the amendments of the law on guardianship to switch directly from the father to the mother in order to ease the procedures on mothers managing their children’s money after the death of...


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