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Reverend Jerry Lamon Falwell was born on August 11, 1933 in Lynchburg, Virginia and deceased in May 2007.  In 1967, Falwell created an evangelical educational institution called the Lynchburg Christian Academy. The most echoing case of insult caused by Falwell was September 2002, when he gave an...
American minister Jerry Falwell apologized to Muslims for what he said about Prophet Muhammad being a terrorist. Some papers believe that Falwell?s statement is part of the campaign against Islām and shows how Zionism is rooted in American Christianity.
More than 85 Egyptian Christians have rejected what Revd. Jerry Falwell said about the Prophet Muhammad being a terrorist. Three members of the Egyptian parliament have asked the prime minister to issue a decree to the effect of not allowing the enemies of Islām and those who disgrace Prophet...
Jerry Falwell’s appearance in a 60 Minutes broadcast sparked international Islamic protest, political fallout, and a fatwa calling for his death. The article contains interviews with Islamic experts, Christian theologians, and observers to summarize the event and put it into perspective.
Media critique on an article that has given a distorted presentation of a Dutch report on anti-Semitism.
The paper examines the history of Christian Zionism, an active movement that strenuously supports Israel, and which is particularly strong in the U.S.
The attacks of September 11 affected the American religious discourse. There is a tendency to believe that what happened to America reflected God’s anger on that nation because of the immoral life it leads. A second trend agrees with the first one in its concentration on moral issues, but differs...
The writer provides the reasons behind the increasing of the percentage of the Americans that believe Islam´s followers urge violence.
The American Zionist Christian Right is dreaming of Armageddon, when all Jews will gather in Palestine, the Aqsa Mosque will be demolished and the Jewish temple will be built. Among the strongest believers of this theology is Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who are close to President Bush.
The US policy in the Middle East is based on the religious belief “the second birth” that relies on the second coming of Christ, which requires the return of all Jews to Israel. The Bush Administration is the most committed US Administration to this belief since the Reagan Administration.


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