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In late 1999, religious Christians were surprised when two Catholic clergymen announced their giving away of their church positions for the sake of marriage. The story of the two priests that was considered by the Vatican a violation of monastic rules brought to the surface the issue of marriage...
Robin Cook, the British Foreign Minister, has praised the friendship and tolerance between religions in Egypt. In a special statement to Rose El-Youssef, Cook said that he felt very comforted visiting the area of old Cairo, where mosques are so close to churches...
Students of the Fine Arts Faculty in Zamalek discovered a new claimer to prophethood. The surprise is that he is a Black American, who spread his call - that consisted of four messages - in several foreign countries, then came to Egypt among a tourist group to spread his claims, and enjoy [his time...
An American Comedy about, heaven, angels, man, and the church. The movie’s director is facing severe criticism but he stresses that he has a strong faith.
The Vatican International Family Conference, organized for the first time in Cairo, witnessed a heated discussion on more heated issues, from abortion, artificial insemination and homosexuality to female circumcision.
The emigration of Copts to the US and other countries in Europe and Australia started to increase in the beginning of the sixties. They looked for a better environment and a way of making a living. Some of them emigrated for personal reasons.
These pictures have exceeded any form of freedom and all forms of art. We have not published them although we have them. Our reason is known. It is that Egypt is a country that respects religions.
The paper believes "Some of the Anglican Bishops launched a drastic campaign against the Islamic countries. They warned that a sacred war between Christianity and Islam may takes place."
The church in Stockholm organized a photo exhibition with inappropriate pictures of Jesus Christ. Swedish security guards are protecting the exhibition, which has inappropriate pictures of Jesus Christ in the form of a gay [person].


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