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Watani International spoke to Bishop Bīshūy about ecumenical dialogue. He discusses the development of Christian dialogue and points that the different churches have come to agreements on over the years.
When Pope John Paul II paid a historic visit to Syria in 2001, he entered the Umayyad Mosque, where Muslims used to head right and Christians used to head left for prayer during the 7th century.
On Tuesday, Pope Benedict will start a four-day visit to Turkey amidst growing protests in Istanbul and Ankara. Tens of thousands took to the streets and chanted anti-pope slogans, expressing their fury at the pope’s remarks on Islām which he made two months ago in a lecture at the University of...
The Sheikh of the Azhar declared that any coalition with the USA is H...
Pope Shenouda said that he will not visit Jerusalem without his Muslim brothers and that he cannot visit Jerusalem with an Israeli entry visa. But if he woud receive a visa from president Yasser Arafat, he would go. He added that visiting Jerusalem under Israeli occupation amounts to normalization...
An overview of Egyptian press coverage of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Egypt during the period February 24-26, 2000. This is the period in which the Pope was in Egypt.
News has spread about two miracles that were carried out by the late Roman Pope John Paul II. Officers of the Vatican are searching for the truth of the news, saying that they will declare the late pope a "saint" if they prove a third miracle, as the rules of the church command.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The author gives an overview of Pope Benedict’s life and how he distinguished himself in the past as a powerful but controversial conservative factor in the Vatican.
From Rasputin to Bin Lādin, religion has always had a role in politics and in political plans. The following text depicts biographies of a number of people whose religious engagements played a role in their political life.


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