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Editor: Cornelis Hulsman was asked to write the Vienna Community Church a congratulation on the occasion of their 55th anniversary of their establishment by late AWR board of advisors member Prof. Dr. Otto Meinardus. The text below was placed on the website of the VCC, http://members.aon.at/william...
The author discusses Coptic iconography over time, as well as the significant contributions of a number of renowned Coptic iconographers.
AWR’s last interview with the late Dr. Isaac Fānūs. Comments on self-censorship, such as that of Dr. Otto Meinardus’ differences in writing and saying, which makes it hard for students of the church in Egypt to get a good understanding of the church’s position. Father Basilius of the Monastery of...
Eva Meinardus comments on her late husband Dr. Otto Meinardus’ opinions and visit to H.H. Pope Shenouda. Foreign groups show interest in AWR work on the status of human rights in Egypt.
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Memories of Rev. Dr. Otto Meinardus.
Obituary of Otto Meinardus, eminent Coptologist and prolific writer who died at the age of 79 on September 18, 2005.
Personal recollections of Otto Meinardus.
In memory of Prof. Otto Meinardus.
In memory of Prof. Meinardus by Dr. Mary Massoud, Professor at Ain Shams University, Cairo.


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