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Over the last two decades, the Coptic Orthodox Church has expressed its opposition to several films and television shows, both domestic and international, resulting in the cancellation of some of these works and censorship of others.  The reasons for the church’s disapproval vary.
The Holy Synod makes a number of new decisions regarding the Christian Church in Egypt. Following, Munīr denounces al-Ahlī fans who portray the cross on anti-Zamalek posters.
Fashion designers are using the image of the Virgin Mary in their new designs. The author presents two controversial fashion shows and the cover of Mexican Playboy as examples. The Catholic Church condemned the use of the Holy Virgin and Playboy apologized.
The article outlines the recent documentary ’The Lost Tomb of Jesus’ and some of the activities that have been taking place concerning the promotion of the documentary. It also questions the finding of the scientific expedition to find the actual tomb and interviews a number of people opposed to...
The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
The author responds to the debates over ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and Judas’ Gospel, showing some steps to follow in such matters.
The article is about Kathleen McGown’s ‘The Expected One,’ a new book in which its writer claims she belongs to Christ’s "offspring."
‘Ādil Jirjis analyses what Bishop Bīshūy said about the ‘Da Vinci Code’ book and film.
The author reviews the films the ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘United 93.’
In his novel about Judas Iscariot, the French author of ’Le Baiser de Judas’ alternates between historical facts, biblical stories and fiction.


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