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A number of prominent Egyptian figures oppose Lord Alton’s intended visit to Egypt.
The leader of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has been arrested for "accepting funds from a foreign country with the intention of carrying out acts detrimental to Egypt."
The Coptic Orthodox Society in Helwan organized a symposium under the title "The Koshh events between lies and truth". The society refuted the campaign waged by the British newspaper [the Sunday Telegraph], stressed National Unity and rejected the interference of The House of Lords and the...
The Jews claim that they are God’s chosen people which is a fallacy. They have been able by illegal means to make Britain give them the promise of Balfour, which allowed them to establish a Zionist national state in Palestine. This allowed them to spread their influence across the world and to...
"Peace for minorities", that is Israel’s secret slogan. Israel beliefs that wars and conflicts "gathers" Arabs together and peace "scatters" them.
The West tries to imposing itself on the Third World. This is evident in analyzing the concept of globalization. The religious dimension of globalization has made the problem of foreign intervention and religious protection, including that of the Copts, an important issue.
Zaklama comments on the incident of Al-Koshh which had become a major internal issue, distorted in the media.
The author is afraid that the urge to protect Coptic rights and justice could provoke people against them.
Dr. Ayman Nour of the Wafd Party invited Lord Alton to visit Egypt to see everything by himself, but he refused. However, he agreed on holding a debate with Dr. Nour in London and it will televised through one of the television channels.
This article discusses the several faxes Lord David Alton of Liverpool wrote to Sohag’s governor Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Bakr concerning the issue of al-Koshh.


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