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If the Sunday Telegraph was interested in the issues of minorities, and if it really cared about the rights of minorities, it would have concentrated more on the issue of Catholics in Northern Ireland.
The Sunday Telegraph went on in its suspicious campaign against Egypt. It attacked this time 2000 Egyptian Copts who signed a statement refuting the paper’s allegations against Egypt.
A message sent by the youth of Al-Koshh village to Al-Ahali newspaper said that the main reason for the blowing up of events was due to the cover-up of the media and security.
In response to the western allegations: Egypt has embraced all three religions, the Synagoge and the Church are side by side with the mosque.
What was published in the Sunday Telegraph and other US newspapers [the Sunday Telegraph is published in the United Kingdom- editor] in terms of paid advertisement comes from a very small minority of Copts living abroad, whose number does not exceed seven and are known by name. They paid more than...
The best thing about the incident in Al-Koshh was that it revealed many things, the most important being the ways of the West in penetrating a country and intervening in its domestic affairs.
The British Sunday Telegraph has published another article yesterday by Christina Lamb who claimed two weeks ago that Copts in Egypt are subjected in Sohag to crucifixions and rape by the police.
The Sunday Telegraph has continued its suspicious campaigns against Egypt claiming Copts are persecuted. It published another article written by Christian Lamb. She claimed in her first article that more than 1200 Copts were arrested, tortured with electric shock and crucified.
Bishop Bakhoum of Sohag, Maragha and Al-Munsha’a said that the statement of Pope Shenouda III confirmed that what happened in the Al-Koshh events was an ordinary incident, and it has nothing to do with Egypt’s national unity. What foreign papers published were exaggerations that defame Egypt, and...
Major General, Habibi Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, has accused an extremist minority and biased groups of individuals and media inside and outside Egypt of deliberately escalating campaigns targeting its security. The minister said it is obvious from the timing of the escalation that it is done...


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