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The terms ’kafir’ (unbeliever) and ’murtad’ (an apostate from Islam) are extremely important in Islam. The article discusses the recent court cases in Egypt against people accused of being ’murtad’, for example the case of Nasr Abu Zaid, a professor in Arabic at the University of Cairo, and...
In his article, Ibrāhīm ‘Īsā discusses the controversial issue of the Shī‘ah. Referring to Shaykh al-Qaradāwī’s views, ‘Īsā attempts to prove that although the Shī‘ah differ from Sunnī,their doctrine has a basis in the Qur’ān and Sunnah.
‘Ādil Hammūda warns against trusting repentant Islamic terrorist groups. These groups are a “danger lurking in the dark,” awaiting the opportunity to attack Egypt’s security and stability, he says.
The author interviewed Rafīq al-‘Ajamī, one of the Arab Afghans who was imprisoned for four years on charges of carrying out the explosion of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan in 1996.
The author states a number of Muslim scholars’ responses to a fatwá issued by Shaykh ‘Abd Allāh Bin Jabrīn, in which he asks Sunnī Muslims to stop advocating for the Hizb Allāh in its war against Israel in Lebanon.
Members of Qur’ān anti- Christian group, led by a professor from the Azhar University, were arrested by Egyptian authorities.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm tells how Western interest in Egypt has shifted to social and religious issues.
The article carry some of the confessions given by suspects in last year’s bombings in different areas of downtown Cairo, which killed a number of tourists and Egyptians and wounded dozens others.
Ministry of Interior has refused to allow 150 Christian converts to Islam, who later returned to Christianity, to change the religious data on their identity cards back to Christianity. Kamal Zākhir Mousa argues that an extremist wing of the political elite is trying to link citizenship to...
The court ruling previously pronounced by a lower administrative court giving Bahā’īs the rights to state their religion in official documents is overturned by the Supreme Administrative Court.


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