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al-Bannā criticizes Retrospectivism and Salafism as flaws in the Islamic Da‘wá that hinder the progress of Muslims and Islam. He also doubts the reliability of many of the Ḥadīths.
In the article, the criticisms of a number of thinkers and politicians have been continually targeting the banned Muslim Brotherhood group on their proposed manifesto for their political party, which has excluded non-Muslims and women from running for presidency.
The author talked about a book published by the Ministry of Endowments entitled, ‘Dalīl al-Imām īlà tagdīd al-khiṭāb al-dīnī.’ The book discuses several issues, one of them is al-Takfīr where the book aims to prevent people from using this term without enough knowledge.
In his interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd, Pope Shenouda does not expect a quick solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without first achieving Arabic harmony. He also discussed issues related to U.S. aid, foreign interference, the Iranian case, illegal emigration, and other Egypt-related issues.
While Poet Aḥmad al-Shahāwī intends to file a claim against the Shaykh of the Azhar, reliable sources at the Islamic Research Academy assert that the Azhar withdrew al-Shahāwī’s book but did not deem the poet Kāfir.
The article contains the second part of an interview with Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī on the lawsuit that he filed against Mr. Ahmad ‘Abd al-Mu‘t...
Thanā’ al-Karrās discusses the issue of the importance of meetings, conferences, and activities of inter-religious dialogue and whether or not they are worth the efforts and money spent on them.
A children’s encyclopedia that interprets the Qur’ān attacks Christians and Jews, charges them with kufr [apostasy] and calls on Muslims to fight against them.
A book authored by the so-called church reformation group arouses heated arguments on the internet. The book accuses Pope Shenouda of violating the traditional preaching of the Coptic Orthodox Church and of providing heretic theological arguments.


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