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After moving against Egypt’s offshore press in 1998 by making them go through the prime minister’s office for approval, the government has turned its attention to the local press and is reminding them who’s boss by demanding payment of massive back taxes.
The article focuses on the importance of projecting Islam in a proper manner. It is essential for the Islamic institutions to double their efforts for refuting the false allegations about Islam. The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance is planning to dispatch Islamic...
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday expressed his deep belief in the freedom of expression but urged journalists to be objective and responsible in their coverage of events and avoid exploiting their freedom in any way that might harm Jordan’s interests.
A dialogue between Dr. Maurice Asad, who has known Dr. William Sulaymān Qilāda for probably more then 50 years, and Drs. Kees Hulsman, who also knew Dr. Qilāda personally.
This article on national unity was printed before under the title "They are not Egyptians!" (Summary) in Al-Wafd, July 1, 1999, by Dr. Saad Al-Fishawi, see RNSAW’s week 27.
[The text was placed a second time, with some changes, on June 30, 1999] Ten girls are mentioned by name. The advertisement claimed that they, along hundreds of others, were kidnapped, sexually violated and forced to convert to Islam.
A new book appeared in the French markets. It is dealing with terrorism and connecting it with the Islamic terrorism. The importance of this book is due to the importance of its author who is the head of the international observatory of terrorism.
Drs. Kees Hulsman, a correspondent for Dutch and American publications and the member of the board of the FPA, has been strongly attacked in a press release sent worldwide by Coptic Associations in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany and France.
The conspiring motives of the Sunday Telegraph’s campaign against Egypt are being revealed day after day. The British-American-Zionist attempts to trigger a ’Coptic Issue’ in Egypt, referring to Copts as a persecuted minority, is a way to implement the religious persecution law recently approved by...
President Hosni Mubarak announced on Saturday that Ecuador had deported to Egypt a militant suspected of being involved in last November’s Luxor massacre in which 62 people were killed.


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