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A new problem has emerged in Egypt in recent days. It is about the freedom of Christian women in general to change their religion to Islam and the consequent possibility of marriage to a Muslim and the transition from a Christian family to a Muslim family. This is the background of tensions...
Some women resort to khulʿ as a way to terminate their marriage in the case of failing to be able to leave their husband with the standard way of divorce. However, some women are concerned about certain issues regarding the matrimonial home, such as the fate of their property, as well as child...
Senior leaders and representatives of the world's major religions are preparing for the World Religious Leaders Summit, which will be held this week in Abu Dhabi under the leadership of the President of the UAE, Sheikh Muḥammad bin Zāyed Āl-Nahyān. The summit will highlight the important role of...
Queen Rānyā of Jordan accused Western leaders of having a ‘glaring double standard’, which is apparent in their failure to condemn the killing of Palestinian civilians who are victims of Israeli shelling in Gaza.
A post on social media revealed that the books and works of late writer Nawāl al-Saʿdāwī were put on sale at a bookshop, which sparked a controversy over the rights of her heirs: a son and a daughter.
Egypt has experienced security and stability during the past ten years, and the Copts of Egypt have experienced this first-hand as they have lived through a period of consolidation of rules of citizenship with the power of the law.  
Salafī groups have escalated pressures on the state and the education ministry over a recent decision to ban the niqāb in schools as the new academic year starts.
It is something remarkable that the education minister’s decision to ban the niqāb (face-covering veil) in schools has neither sparked anger in clerics’ and salafīs’ circles nor was met with fierce criticism like the decision-taker feared it would in the past.
The salafī al-Nūr (Light) Party said that it will be filing a lawsuit against the decision to ban the niqāb (face-covering veil) in Egyptian schools.
A member of the House of Representatives said that the Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, has shed light on the Palestinian issue for the world to confront and address, describing the top Sunni cleric’s speech in a conference in Germany as “historic and important.”


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