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Bāsimah William writes about the celebrations of the feast of the Virgin Mary at Dayr al-Azrā’ in Jabal Assiut, which does not attract only Christians, but also Muslims and people from all over the world.
The author reports on the celebrations in the Minia governorate of the anniversary of the passing of the virgin Mary and her son through Jabal al-Tayr area in Samāllūt during the holy journey.
Problems in obtaining a permit to worship in a building of Khalas Nafous, a Protestant organization, in Ezbet Rufail, al-Qussia. Reporting about the Martyr Michael church in Assiut.
The differences between the monastery of Antonius and the Red Sea governorate were blown up in Western media, fired up by Coptic activists in the West. The monasteries wish for protecting peace and quiet in the area was understandable but their method of protesting is questionable. Egyptian...
Christians believe that Al-Muharraq monastery is the holiest location to which the Holy Family resorted. The tourism value of Al-Muharraq monastery is not less than that of the pyramids. That is why we should give it the concern it deserves.
The article is the result of a RNSAW-trip to Upper Egypt [RNSAW, 2002, week 25, art. 1] and sheds light upon the celebration of the commemoration of the Holy Family´s arrival in Egypt and on the different villages and sites on the route of the Holy Family. Bishop Demetrius of Mallawi said that...
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Jirjis Hilmī ‘Āzir discusses the thorny issue of Egyptian Christians converting to Islam.
A totally distorted report about the church in Egypt in a US publication called ’the Layman. Visit to Assiut with a group of journalists and members of expatriate churches. Meeting with Bishop Thomas of al-Qussia and Governor Ahmed Hamam Atiya of Assiut, that included a discussion on church...
Visit to Bishop Thomas in his retreat center Anafora. Dr. Meinardus’ opinion on the increase of the cult of saints and relics.


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