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Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St Mark, has approved the official logo which will be used in banners and other publicity material for the ‘Revival of the Holy Family’s Journey in Egypt’ project, in light of the efforts made to cover the 25 sites of the path between...
Saint Mary’s Church, which belongs to the Coptic Orthodox diocese of al-Qūṣiyyah in Asyūṭ governorate, allocated a building within the church to be used for quarantining villagers returning from abroad. 
The Holy Virgin Monastery, commonly known as al-Muḥarraq Monastery, in Asyūṭ concludes the events of the spiritual renaissance tomorrow under the leadership of bishop Bigol [Bījūl], Bishop of al-Muḥarraq Monastery, and in the presence of large numbers of monks and people from Asyūṭ.
For the first time in years we had one of our student interns questioned and detained by Egyptian police for one day which has resulted in questions from a number of our relations. It all turned out to be a very unfortunate misunderstanding, but it nevertheless was very unpleasant for our student....
The investigation unit in al-Qussiya, Asyut, arrested one of the defendants accused of killing a Copt due to a revenge in ‘IzbitAntunVillage. Masked assailants had attacked Kyrollos Marzūk Sam’ān on Sunday night and ran away. 
It was again a customary reconciliation session, not the rule of law, that solved the sectarian attack on Christians who had performed their religious rituals last Sunday in the third floor of a church-service premise at the Kom al-Raheb [Kawm al-Rāhib] village, Qūṣiyah, Assiut or Asyut.
In an effort to promote religious tourism, members of al-Wafd Party, Assiut branch, visited the Dayr al-Muḥarraq, also known as the Muharraq Monastery, in al-Qūṣiyyah Markaz (country’s subdivision).
Wajīh Jamāl, Secretary General of the Egyptian General Tourist Guide Syndicate, said that the entity is currently preparing a three-day familiarization study tour of the path of the flight of the Holy Family in Minya [Minyā] and Assiut [Asiyūṭ]. 
An article from the Maadi Messenger discussing the significance of the famous geometrical tile styling known as "Cairo Tiling" with accompanied contextual commentary from Cornelis Hulsman.
Cornelis Hulsman Drs. and Bishop Thomas of al-Qussia discuss the bishop's Anafora retreat center in an interview published by the Maadi Messenger in 2014 with additional contextual commentary by Cornelis Hulsman.


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