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 The purpose of this study is to present the most accurate data on the statistics of Christians in Egypt.
Anger prevailed in al-Fayyūm governorate for several days after it was discovered that an architect had designed a mosque in the Pharaonic style.
‘Al-Yawm al-Sābiʿ’ TV channel broadcasted live in front of a newly restored mosque in the Pharaonic style, in the village of Nazla, belonging to the Yūsuf al-Ṣadīq in the Fayūm governorate, sparking wide controversy on social media due to the depiction of pharaonic drawings on the facade of the...
Social media sites were buzzing with heated discussions after circulating photos of a mosque under construction with pharaonic inscriptions and motifs in a village in al-Fayūm governorate, south of Cairo.
Coptic representative Ayman Shukrī, a member of the House of Representatives in Fayoum governorate, participated in the opening of the al-Ḥalīm Mosque in ʿIzbit Naṣṣār in the Fayyūm Centre.
The National Council for Women (NCW) launched a campaign whilst celebrating Women’s Day, under the title “Entrepreneurship for Rural Women”, in cooperation with the World Food Program, from March 14th to 20th, in nine governorates. The nine governorates are Aswān, Luxor, Qinā, Suhāj, Asyūṭ, al-...
Amīra, a 15 year old girl from Fayūm, experienced a terrifying nightmare that no one could have ever anticipated. 
Bishop Ibrām, Patriarch of Coptic Orthodox Church in Fayūm and supervisor of the Wādī al-Rayyān area of the Coptic Orthodox, consecrated the Church of St Makāriyyūs of Alexandria in Wādī al-Rayyān in Fayūm.
Bishop Pachomius announced on August 10 the list of 17 candidates for the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch seat. They are seven bishops and ten monks:
Security forces of the Ministry of Interior arrested 14 people accused of attacking police stations and the Church of St. Dimyana in Faiyum, as well as inciting for violence in different governorates.


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