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On Thursday December 17, the Minya Criminal Court acquitted the three defendants who had stripped naked an elderly Coptic Christian woman, Suʿād Thābit, known in the media as "Lady of al-Karam. The three men had been previously sentenced to ten years each in absentia by the Minya Criminal Court in...
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) expressed great concern about the ruling issued today by the Minya Criminal Court, which acquitted three defendants for stripping  Suʿād Thābit, who's known in the media as the ‘Lady of al-Karam’. 
The Minyā Criminal Court announced that it had referred the case of Suʿād Thābit, otherwise known as the “woman of al-Karam,” for a second time to the appeals court of Banī Suwayf , so it can be reviewed by another circuit.
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced in a statement yesterday the inauguration of Mār Jirjis Church in Abū Qurqāṣ Center, Minya.
The Episcopal Church launched the "Art for All People" initiative as part of the h "Together for the Development of Egypt" project in al- Minya governorate. The initiative aims to address the problems that young people face in Egypt through artistic performances and presentations prepared by three...
Under the patronage and supervision of Archbishop Makāriyyūs, Bishop of Minya and Abū Qurqāṣ, for the second consecutive day, the end of the year's tests are conducted at the Pope Shinūda III Institute for the Study of the Bible in Minya; these tests will continue for a week. The institute's end-...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II, the pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria received bishop Makāriyyūs, bishop of Minya, at the papal headquarters on Wednesday.
Light and Dark published the statement released by the Coptic Orthodox Bishopric of Minya and Abū Qurqāṣ following the sectarian incident of January 11, 2019:-
In the village of Zaʿfarāna, Minyā, the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese owns a small place where her approximate thousand followers perform their prayers.
Events in Minya have escalated recently, and sectarianism has reared its ugly face once again. Bishop Makarius [Makāriyūs], the General Bishop of Minya and Abu Qurqāṣ, remains the champion of the scene, where he alone is held responsible for the aftermath of unrest in the governorate. 


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