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Interview: Cornelis HulsmanThe following article presents an interview between His Royal Highness Prince Hasan Ibn Talal of Jordan, and Drs. Cornelis Hulsman. Issues discussed include Christian emigration from the Arab world, reform, and political issues in the Middle East.
The head of Jordan’s center for archaeological studies has announced that they have found the remains of the world’s oldest church.
Mīrā Mamdūh interviews Madyunis Dibeach, an artist whose engravings depict scenes from the Bible on the walls of the Monastery of St. Sam‘ān.
The article looks at a new religious survey, Freedom in the World, which claims that none of the Christian communities in the Middle East are completely free. The author analyzes the changing face of Christianity in the Middle East and the reasons behind its recent decline.
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Ethiopia believes that the journey of the Holy Family was to Ethiopia, not Egypt.
The religious dimension of the war on Iraq has been and still is the focus of articles covering the war. This is in addition to news items about Kurdish Islamic groups being attacked by the US and comments on fundamentalist Islam in the light of the war. For the first time, the role of the media or...
Many articles focussed on the opinions of religious and political leaders concerning the crisis around the Church of the Nativity. They compared responses from different churches; Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic.
The Israeli siege of the Church of Nativity shows that Arab Christians stand alongside Muslims in the fight against Israel. The newly founded Christian al-Mahd [al-Mahd = nativity, named after the Church of the Nativity] organization places martyrdom operations on their priorities list. The...
All Copts and church leaders in Egypt and all over the world condemned Sharon?s practices against the Palestinians and the fact that the Israeli forces attacked the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem and prevented worshipping in it for the first time in history. They asked different countries all...
A discussion of Christians in the Middle East, their history and ongoing struggles.


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