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Pope Shenouda III isolated Father Benyamin, former bishop of the holy Virgin and Saint Athanasius Church in Cyprus due to alleged financial corruption. The Coptic Orthodox community there complained to Pope Shenouda and called for their isolated bishop to be reinstated.
Drs. Hulsman and Dr. Burslem provide a detailed report on Muslim-Christian relations based on a review of Dr. Hugh Goddard’s book, commenting on a number of issues including Western perceptions, mis-interpretations, and examples of recent incidents involving Muslims and Christians.
The author of the article provides a randomized review of Dr. Yūsuf Zaydān’s novel ‘‘Azazīl.’ He does not follow the narrative of the novel as much as illuminate the points he wanted to stress: the unpredictable consequences religious fundamentalism can lead to as one should be reasonable and...
A crisis seems to be looming after the parish of the Limassol Virgin Mary Church closed down the church before officials of the Middle East Council of Churches could set up their headquarters at the church.
The article shows a fax written by an Egyptian living in Cyprus, proposing actions to follow in order to control the situation developing at the Coptic Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Limassol.
Copts of Cyprus have closed Limassol Church and call to reinstate Bishop Benyamin who was ordered to return to his cell in Saint Bula Monastery in the Red Sea after rumors about his financial transgressions.
The article presents a specific case of a man who converted to Christianity, and the problems that he was faced with following his decision.
During elections of The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), both Pope Shenouda III and the deputy Catholic Patriarch of Egypt, Bishop Yūḥannā Qultah, have been entitled as emeritus presidents.
Hishām Qāsim criticizes the national press in Egypt and foretells its end in favor of the private press.


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