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Muḥammad Ḥabīb was born in 1943 and holds the position of  First Deputy for the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Ḥabīb is part of the older generation of the Muslim Brotherhood. This older generation is usually considered to be very cautious about cooperating with the state. They...
Cornelis Hulsman; a Dutch scholar on Arab-West relations and Editor-in-Chief of Arab-West Report first visited Egypt in 1975. Hulsman's line of work is primarily linked to Christian-Muslim relations and he strongly believes that religious issues and relations are an important element of...
The author laments the role that parliament and the media played in increasing sectarian violence by ignoring the bill for a unified law for building places of worship during its last session.
The article chronicles the appearance of famous dā‘iyahs in Egypt and covers the on-going struggle between the new dā‘iyahs and Salafis to take over the status of the publicly-adored dā‘iyah. The absence of an effective role of the Azhar is also questioned.
The author highlights what he believes a conflict between four bishops over the papal See in the Coptic Orthodox Church. He also refers to some laymen’s opinions about the issue.
Three clergymen are according to the author the front runners to the papacy. The laymen also have their word.
Hānī Ahmad Rizq interviews the Muslim Dā‘iyah Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh, owner of al-Ummah religious satellite channel, who spoke about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt and accused Christians of targeting Muslim youth.
In the article, the author releases interviews with four Coptic figures who previously joined Islamic parties.
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
In his expected visit to Ethiopia, Pope Shenouda will not discuss the case of al-Sulṭān Monastery, as some of the Coptic Orthodox clergymen asserted. The pope’s expected visit is a step to bridge the gap and re-establish the friendly relations between the two churches.


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