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UNHCR commended Egypt for affirming its commitment to expand the services available to refugees and asylum seekers in the health sector and ensure sustained access to opportunities in the education sector at the High-Level Officials meeting on 14th and 15th December 2021.
On Thursday, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions against five people, three Turks and two Egyptians, for their links with Al-Qaeda [al-Qāʿida].
Al-Ḥurra recently aired an episode of its program “Debatable” that discussed the Bahāʾī religion.  In it, host Ibrāhīm ʿĪssā asked the question, “how do Bahāʾīs having houses of worship harm you as a Muslim or Christian?”
Seven years have passed since the rule of President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī. These years have witnessed many achievements and successes, the most prominent of which is strengthening the Copts' relationship with the state and gaining the respect and love of the Coptic people, particularly of His...
Amid rising tensions with Ethiopia, Egyptian-Sudanese forces will begin conducting joint military exercises this Wednesday. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church’s stance on the Palestinian cause is tied to the church’s stance on the Egyptian state.  If the pope agreed with the head of state, the church identified with its official position.  However, if the church didn’t agree with the state, then it took a stance inconsistent...
Egyptian mediation has played a pivotal role in reaching a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza, with Egypt putting all of its political weight behind the negotiations. These efforts finally culminated in the implementation of a ceasefire at dawn on Friday.
Recently, Egypt has made a swath of decisions that seek to advance its strategic interests and national security.  Last Monday, President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī announced that Egypt would be providing $500 million to rebuild Gaza after the most recent violence with Israel.  Before that, while at...
Official spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Aḥmad Ḥāfiẓ stated that Egypt rejects any unilateral efforts by Ethiopia to resume filling the Renaissance Dam during flooding season this summer. 
This summary focuses on Egypt’s Stance towards the recent Israel-Palestinian events, we collected the information from each of Arabic Post and Raseef 22 to cover the full analysis.


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