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This article discusses the educational system in Egypt and the general bias towards Muslim beliefs and customs, rather than secular classrooms. The author asks the Minister of Education, Ahmed Zaky Badr, to be more aware of the discrimination which is so rampant in Egyptian schools. The author also...
Mahmūd Sa‘d comments on the Azhar's grand Shaykh’s visit to Naja‘ Hammādī, pointing out that such formal visits do not resolve sectarian issues.
Even though the Supreme Administrative Court issued a final ruling last March giving Bahā’īs the right to have ID cards and birth certificates with an empty religion field there are still examples of discrimination taking place.
The fear of Swine Flu increases as cases appear in Egyptian schools and universities.
Rev. Safwat al-Bayyādī presents his views on peacemaking through education, training, and personal involvement. He also discusses the value of religious initiatives to promote peace. Article full text: On November 18, 2009 I had a chance to interview Rev. Safwat al-Bayyādī, President of the...
A new stage of inflaming the sectarian climate because of the educational curricula of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.
Shaykh Jamāl Qutb calls for attaching a private Coptic-administered school to Azhar and the reactions of Copts.
Watani reports on the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in the Egyptian capital.
Scholars continue to debate how much emphasis should be placed on Coptic history in the Egyptian curriculum.
The public prosecutor has launched an appeal on behalf of Camilia Lutfī to change the 2008 court ruling that granted her husband custody of their children.


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