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The State Council’s Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Judge al-Sayyid Nūfal, has approved the sacking of a female employee in the Egyptian Ministry of Education for converting to the Bahā’ī faith.
The Ministry of Education in Daqahlīyah governorate has dismissed 600 teachers of Christianity from the governorate’s schools who work according to a reward system of remuneration. The jobs have been assigned to unqualified teachers.
The author discusses some moral values that became absent in Egyptian society.
Rajā’ī ‘Atīyah criticizes the Egyptian educational system, in particular the ‘Thānawīyah ‘Ammah’ [final two years of secondary school followed by an exam], which he says is not capable of producing qualified graduates.
The author criticizes an article that appeared previously in el-Shaab which "attacked Copts without any reason, and accused them of being mercenaries, agents for the C.I.A." and "traitors." But, says the author, Jews created this issue. Copts abroad become panic-stricken because of the...
Islamophobia advocacy is advocacy that instils fear in people’s minds about Islām. Sebastian Kohn has noticed Qur’ān increase in this kind of advocacy on the internet, which is concerning because it brings a clash of civilizations closer to humanity. This kind of advocacy is especially effective on...
The author discusses the arrest of a number of students and supervisors at a summer camp believed to be connected with a Muslim Brotherhood school, and notes different viewpoints on whether such schools should be allowed.
Pope Shenouda has filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Education and the Assiut Governor for confiscating a school building linked to the church of Mār Girgis in Assiut.
Biographical details about Professor Aziz Suryal Atiya, a distinguished scholar and author.
The author criticizes curricula in Egyptian schools, underlining that they teach students how to hate the West, instead of teaching them how to benefit from Western societies’ progress.


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