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In a telephone interview with Aḥmad Mūsā on the channel (Ṣadā al-Balad), Muḥammad Naʿīm, official spokesman of the Taliban’s [Ṭālibān] political office, said that Afghans must provide their own security without resorting to foreign help.
Egypt hasn’t officially commented yet on the agreement that the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister al-Shaykh Aḥmad al-Nāṣir announced to reopen the borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  However, prominent Egyptian media commentators didn’t seem to welcome the news about the breakthrough between Qatar on...
The following text contains sensitive information and highlights various concerns from an Egyptian ambassador regarding foreign influence on political and environmental decisions and movements in Egypt.
The official spokesperson of the Ministry of Endowments, Aḥmad al-Qāḍī, caused controversy after he had said that the Ministry considers opening mosques during the holy month of Ramadan for Imams only. In a phone interview with TV presenter Aḥmad Mūsā, Aḥmad al-Qāḍī stated that the ministry would...
Media anchor Aḥmad Mūsā said that the Crescent and the Cross, standing side by side in the St. Catherine Monastery is unparalleled in the world. 
The general prosecution headed by Counselor Sharīf ‘Imād al- Dīn has ruled to imprison Ahmad Mus’ad al- Mi’adāwī, member of ISIS, for 15 days pending investigations.
Watch...Naguib Jibra’el: “Rami Jan” does not represent Copts The counselor Naguib Jibra’el [Najīb Jibrāʾīl], head of the organization of Egyptian union for human rights, has emphasized that the fugitive Journalist Rami Jan [Rāmī Jān] , who  frequently appears the Muslim Brotherhood’s Media channels...
During his TV program “'Ala Mas`ūliyatī” (on my responsibility), Egyptian media anchor, Ahmad Mūsa, said that there are evidences that prove the involvement of the Gulf State of Qatar and its ruler Shaykh Tamīm, in the explosions that hit three Coptic churches recently.
Egyptian activists launched a violent attack against Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmad al-Zind on social networking sites following the minister's statement that all Brotherhood leaders sentenced to death will be executed immediately after all stages of litigation have ended.
As the anniversary of the June 30 Revolution approaches, media personality Ahmad Mūsa stressed the role of the Egyptian Army in protecting the people during the June 30 Revolution, saying: “If it wasn't for the army, there would not have been a June 30 Revolution, and Egypt would not exist.”


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