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In spite of the two court rulings issued on behalf of Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, there are 17 other claims against him. The author believes that the two court rulings are mere tricks of the regime.
Najīb Jibrā’īl writes a letter to President Obama and representatives of 12 Coptic organizations sign the letter.
Robeir al-Faris commends increased attention to Coptic matters in the print media, and hopes visual media will follow. He also denounces media misreporting of the Zaytūn church bombing. Faris praises what he describes as the only writer who spoke out against those claiming that President Obama’s...
The article reflects on the terrorist attack that took place in the al-Zaytun area of Cairo last week. The authors investigate the evidence and look at the conflicting reports on the incident.
This article sheds light on the different viewpoints about the application of hadd to apostates in Islam
Egypt welcomed news of President Obama’s expected visit to Egypt in June. The Azhar and the muftī of Egypt hailed Obama’s choice of Egypt and welcomed the visit and the expected discourse as a promising sign of improving relations between the U.S administration and Muslim countries.
This article discusses the fluctuating two faced relationship between the church and expatriate Copts. Although the church seeks to strengthen the role played by expatriate Copts abroad, it, at the same time, puts on the mask of being the calming force between the state and expatriate Copts in...
This article sheds light on the supposed visit of President Mubārak to the White House and the nine demands awaiting him which are set by the Egyptian coalition.
This week’s articles correspond with the date of President Barack Obama’s inauguration and a number of articles tackle the issue of U.S-Egyptian relations. This relationship has taken a more complicated turn in the past week when the Egyptian government unexpectedly released the political dissident...
In an interview with al-Wafd, Shenouda comments on the recent attacks against Gaza and the American policy toward the Middle East. Arabs’ unity is important and the U.S. will never change its strategy toward Israel.


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