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Jayson Casper attends a talk given in Zamalek, Cairo by Imām Faisal ‘Abd al-Ra’ūf, an American Islamic scholar who calls for adherents to Islam to adapt to the culture of their home nation.
The article reviews Nadir Fawzī’s advocacy of the Coptic demonstration in front of the White House and the meeting of six Copts in Canada with Bishop Yu’annis.
Robert Fisk ponders why the Middle East is so backward and why the area has so many dictators and so many human rights.
Dr. Nadia Mustafá, professor of international relations and director of the Program for Civilizational Studies and Dialogue at Cairo University, shares her thoughts about building civil society. The following is a summary of her discussion with Mr. Jayson Casper from the Center for Intercultural...
On October 11, 2009 Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Jihān al-Sādāt presented a lecture to the Women’s Association of Cairo at the Oriental Hall of the American University of Cairo. During the lecture she highlighted the role of women’s rights and education as well as looking at her husband’s policies and...
The article deals with the reference Barack Obama made to Copts in his historic speech in Cairo.
An interview with Metropolitan Bīshūy, the Holy Synod Secretary General, regarding some serious issues.
Most Egyptians look forward to better relations with America after Obama’s visit, but visit preparations and certain aspects of security were excessive.
This issue presents a number of interesting articles on cases of sedition on Egypt, further commentary on the speech of President Obama, and the recent ongoings in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Sidhum writes about Obama’s speech in Cairo and the massive media coverage of the speech but believes that even though Obama is a new character on the scene it is still the old American interests that will continue to govern the new American policy.


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