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A number of Muslim scholars are calling for an international law to criminalize insulting Islamic symbols.
A number of Muslim scholars, who participated in the Muslim-Danish dialogue initiative a few months ago, unanimously agree that the engagement in positive and constructive dialogue with the West is a duty for every Muslim to correct the false perceptions of Islam in the West.
A lawyer raised a case to prevent the film "To make God love you" from being shown because the word "God" in the title was associated with a picture of a young man and two girls in an improper position. He tried to obtain a fatwa to support his legal case, by sending a complaint with the case...
The Azhar ‘ulamā’ have categorically rejected a recent statement made by Abu Muscab al-Zarqāwī, leader of al-Qācida group ‘Jihād in the Country of Two Rivers’ [Tanzīm Qā‘idat al-Jihād FiBilād al-Rāfidayn] in which he declared that Hurricane Katrina is God’s revenge for the U.S. occupation of Iraq...
Many Azhar scholars have rejected female circumcision and even criminalized it based on the notion that the practice has never been a duty or obligation in Islam and there are no texts in the Qur’ān or sunna [the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition] that encourage it.
The article is a response to statements made by the poet Ahmad Abdel Mo’ti Hegazy. A group of specialized scholars in history and Islamic civilization refute the allegation of the poet Ahmad Abdel Mo’ti Hegazi that Egypt does not belong to the Arabic nation.
Egypt is known to be a model of coexistence of religions and the cradle of civilizations from the pharaonic until the Islamic one. Egypt has been known for its historically solid national unity that was unshakable despite attempts by foreign forces to destroy it.
The controversial ‘Document of Religious Rights’ signed in April 2005 by the then head of the Azhar’s Interfaith Dialogue Committee, Shaykh Fawzī al-Zifzāf with visiting U.S. Christian clerics has made headlines in Egyptian press.
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