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The prominent Egyptian Trade Union Member, Montasser al-Zayāt, called for a comprehensive national reconciliation in his country, “Not excluding the ruling regime or the Muslim Brotherhood.” This came as a written initiative comprising of 57 pages presented by Al-Zayāt, the previous candidate for...
In March 2007, a referendum changed several articles of the Egyptian Constitution.
One of the interesting subplots to the Egyptian revolution is the fate of ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Rahmān, known as the Blind Shaykh, who is incarcerated in America for his role in organizing the 1993 attempt to blow up the World Trade Center. His family has maintained a small sit-in protest outside the US...
AWR's Hānī Hamdī provides a recap of Sunday's Egyptian newspaper reports dealing with the New Year's Day attack on a Coptic Orthodox church in Alexandria....  
Al-Wafd interviews Muntasir al-Zayāt, a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, concerning reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Egyptian security arrests a group of Islamic fundamentalists that were allegedly planning to attack foreign and Egyptian military forces.
The Islamic groups’ lawyer, Muntasir al-Zayyāt comments on the Islamic groups’ ideologue Sayyid Imām, his recently issued revisions and his interview with al-Hayāh.
The growing levels of violence in Egyptian society manifest themselves in various ways. In addition the government seems to be ineffective at making sure that laws are executed. The rising costs of living combined with increasing poverty is also exacerbating the problem.
Ahmad Mūsá writes about the American interference in the Egyptian affairs.
Lawyer Muntasir al-Zayyāt will deliver a speech in Rome about the circumstances which force Islamists to be involved in violence and terrorism.


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