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  Two news reports have stoked sectarian tensions in Upper Egypt in recent weeks. The first involves two young Coptic girls who were allegedly kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. The second involves a protest at a church were Muslims reportedly threatened to kill the priest...   There is a...
Religious education in Egypt is no longer exclusive to Azharian schools and institutes but there are schools that call themselves ‘Islamic’ that advertise their intentions to offer education in an Islamic manner.
Sectarian violence rocked the Egyptian village of Bimhā, Giza, sparked by Muslim’s anger over alleged Coptic plans to build a church. Violence left 11 Copts injured and 30-Christian owned homes and businesses damaged.
The incidents of sectarian violence in the Egyptian village of Bimhā provoked commentators who believe that the scenario of sectarian unrest related to church building has repeatedly occurred, demanding that the government take prompt actions to resolve the problem of church construction.
Dr. Nasr Allāh al-Barājah, a professor at South Valley University, was suspended for three months after his Coptic students complained that the book he authored and had been teaching contained harsh criticism of Christian doctrines and insults to Christian monks and nuns.
As elections for the Shūrá Council approach, the article discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s continued intentions to run in the election, despite the fact that they run under a religious slogan “Islam is the Solution.”
The article presents the transcript of a lecture for the Arab Thought Forum. It considers media distortions and mis-representation in the media that only serve to further antagonize Muslim-Christian relations and the perception of Islam and the Arab world in the West. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman explains...
The Abū al-Matāmīr tensions triggered a full-page article in Sawt al-Ummah newspaper claiming that Israel wants to declare a Coptic state in Upper Egypt or Hurghada. Other discussions followed the tensions, some of them very emotional.
Karima, the youngest daughter of a poor Christian villager in Durunka is the heroine of the latest story of conversions of young Christian girls to Islām. Karima’s attempted conversion was about to ignite the fire of strife in Assiut.
This special report provides information about the developments of Wafaa Costantine’s conversion according to news Egyptian newspapers published about her in chronological order


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