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This is the transcript of the presentation H.E. Bishop Dr. Yohanna Qulta (84) gave at the Webinar on Inclusive Citizenship on September 26, 2020. This transcript was made by Shady Saleh elSherif. Before Bishop Qulta became a priest he was teaching philosophy at Cairo University, Egypt. He is a...
Al-Fajr publishes the story behind the rescuing of six Coptic Orthodox workers who were kidnapped in Libya.
This article explains the history and rationale for Islamic ṣukūk bonds in Egypt.
Egypt issues the first ṣukūk bonds in its history with a value of 1.5 billion dollars.
The article discusses religious defamation within the Egyptian legal system.
Dr. Ashraf Ṣubḥī, the Minister for Youth and Sports, and Dr. Muḥammad Rifāʿī, CEO of Miṣr al-Khayr Foundation, launch a campaign to provide food for people in Ramaḍān.
The National Council for Human Rights announced that it joined the defense team in the case of the child Shinūda, which aims to reunite the adoptive family in order to achieve the best interest of the child.
Grand Mufti underlines the importance of Qurʾān and Sunna at the International Competition for Qurʾān Memorization, stressing the importance of both sources for a proper understanding of Islam.
The outgoing Secretary-General of the Egyptian Council of Churches, Archimandrite Damaskīnūs al-Azraʿī, reviewed the achievements of the council in the last two years while it was under the presidency of the Greek Orthodox church. The text below contains a summary of his remarks at the event. 
The Islamic Research Academy of al-Azhar holds an interfaith symposium on supporting people with disabilities and ways to protect their rights.


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