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Amidst blockades, devastation, and restrictions aimed at disrupting the lives of Palestinians, Christians in Jerusalem are attending Easter mass amidst a war that has persisted for nearly six months. As the toll of Israeli bombardment echoes alongside church bells, the faithful gather to observe...
Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned attempts by the Israeli occupation police to evacuate the Cow Garden, which is considered part of the property of the Armenian Patriarchate in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.
In a gesture indicative of the strong ties between Muslims and Copts a priest of a church in Najʿ Ḥammādī city of the Qinā governorate in southern Egypt attended an ifṭār (fast-breaking) banquet along with fasting Muslims.
The recently enacted law regulating the construction of churches stands out as a significant milestone in advancing citizenship and has garnered praise from all the churches and Christian denominations in Egypt.
Shaykh ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz al-Shahāwī, the chief of the Shāfʿī Sufi Order in Egypt, said that Ṣūfīsm, like any other branch of science, is guided by ten principles. He added that Ṣūfīsm concerns self-exploration and the pursuit of virtuous ethics, as well as the renunciation of bad manners.
A senior clergyman in Jerusalem noted that the holy city has always been a significant destination for pilgrims during Easter, but this year, Archbishop William Shomali, the Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, highlighted a substantial decrease in...
On Thursday (April 4), Dr. Andrēa Zakī, Head of the Coptic Evangelical denomination, inaugurated the 6th edition of the 1,000 Evangelical Servants Conference under the title ‘The Standard Servant’, at the Coptic Evangelical House (Agape) in Wādī al-Naṭrūn.
Grand Muftī of Egypt, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, received a high-level delegation from the Egyptian Episcopal/Anglican Church, led by Archbishop Sāmī Fawzī of Alexandria and Archbishop Dr. Munīr Ḥannā, the honorary head of the Episcopal Church and Director of the Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding...
The countdown has begun for the payment of Zakāt al-Fiṭr (alms for ʿĪd al-Fiṭr), which Muslims are required to pay prior to the Ramaḍān Bairam prayers at the end of the blessed month.
Christian churches following the Western calendar are celebrating Holy Saturday on March 30 with a mass to be led by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Pierbattista Pizzaballa at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


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